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It’s Time to get Outside and Make a Difference

Posted on: 15 Mar 2016

The ice and snow is almost gone, the days are getting longer, Spring is finally here! So has that got you thinking about what to do now that you’re out of hibernation? Well we’ve got some great suggestions for you. Read on…


Alberta July 15-17, Ontario August 12-14

Tour For Kids is THE epic cycling adventure of the summer! Do you want to help kids with cancer while challenging yourself? If so, Tour For Kids is for you. This 3-day, 300 to 600 km tour of quiet country roads is a challenging and rewarding experience. Your fundraising will help send children with cancer to special camps so they can enjoy a camp experience just like other children.

Register before March 31 for registration savings and a personalized jersey (save $60 off registration for Tour For Kids Ontario, presented by Investors Group and save $40 off registration for Tour For Kids Alberta)

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September 7-24

You CAN be! Join us for the 2016 Sears National Kids Cancer Ride. It will be the experience of a lifetime, the greatest challenge you’ll ever embrace: ride your bike across Canada over 18 days in September while you raise funds for childhood cancer research in hospitals from coast to coast. You’ll be making a difference in the lives of kids with cancer and their families in communities all across Canada. Register now for the full 18-day experience or contact us about putting together a relay team. Registration is open now: full ride, relay ride, volunteer.

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Saturday, May 14

Introducing our newest Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation event… Tour d’Epicure, Saturday May 14, 2016. Sign up for this 1-day cycling and epicurean adventure and you’ll be raising funds to help rebuild some facilities at Camp Trillium Rainbow Lake. At Tour d’Epicure you’ll experience the scenic pleasures, classic cycling routes and unmatched food and wine delights of the Niagara Peninsula.

Choose a distance and pace for a fully supported ride of 60 or 120 km. Enjoy rest stops at noted winery estates such as Jackson Triggs, Creekside Winery and others. Meet the vintners, sample the wines and enjoy the tasting menus. Cruise for an hour and repeat! After the ride, freshen up and prepare for outstanding multi-course dining and entertainment at Jackson Triggs Estate Winery. Special wine purchase offers, a fully supported ride, special Tour d’Epicure jersey and shorts, dinner-only options and many extras will make this a memorable start to the cycling season.

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Thursday, June 16

Can’t get away for 18 days of riding? Or 3? Or even 1? How about 4 hours! Join us on June 16 2016, for the 17th annual Bike for Tykes! Get 3 or more friends together and sign up as a team to share four exhilarating hours of spin relay on stationary bikes in the Toronto financial district. You’ll be raising finds to support the Cancer Neighbourhood at the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning at SickKids.

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April 30 / May 1

Join us for the Mississauga Marathon race week, April 30th/May 1st for a run with a cause. Register now using promo code “CCACF” to bag yourself a FREE registration and help us raise money to support children with cancer and their families. Win-win, right? But wait, there’s more… the first 15 runners to sign up will get a FREE pair of premium brand running shoes! Free registrations are limited so register soon. Fundraising minimum is $250.


The Inside Ride is on track for another record year. In 2016 we’ll be expanding with new events in British Columbia, Manitoba and all across Ontario. And in June the Inside Ride National Tour will once again hit the road, visiting communities from St John’s Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, engaging tens of thousands of people to build awareness and raise funds in support of childhood cancer programs all across Canada.

  • Book an Inside Ride to help you achieve your fundraising goals for Tour For Kids or Sears National Kids Cancer Ride: Book an Inside Ride
  • Help us secure a new school or business Inside Ride event and you’ll get credit toward your fundraising. Contact Jenn Davies

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So what’s next? Simple… choose your event, sign up today and share the news with your friends! No matter what you choose, we know you’ll have a blast and get some healthy exercise. Most importantly, you’ll be helping children with cancer and their families. And remember, 100% of receipted donations will go directly to supporting childhood cancer programs and research.

Lace Up your Running Shoes for Children with Cancer

Posted on: 04 Feb 2016

Mississauga MarathonWe’re hanging up our cycling shoes for the winter and picking up our running shoes and want you to join us.

Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation have another challenge for you! Lace up your running shoes this winter and train with us to run the Mississauga Marathon (or another distance if the full marathon distance isn’t your thing) while raising money for our incredible kids and families. There’s a free entry in it for you! Race weekend is April 30th.

Why Run for Us?

Because in Canada right this second there are 10,000 kids living with the effects of cancer, 4,000 of them are living here in Ontario, and 1,500 are diagnosed every year in Canada. We don’t like those numbers.

Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation creates, executes and partners with existing events that help us raise money for programs, centres, grants and camps across Canada working in the fight against childhood cancer. We want to reduce those numbers to zero but we need your help to do it.

We are committed to ensuring 100% of the receipted donations are invested in the survival rate and quality of life of children and their families impacted by a childhood cancer diagnosis.

How Does it Work?

To secure yourself a free entry you’ll have to be one of the first people to sign up! There is a limit to the free ones so get on it! Go to the Mississauga Marathon Register Here link right now and sign up with PROMO CODE CCACF (individuals for any distance) CCACFSR (Student 10k Relay) or CCACFSG (Sal Guzzo Marathon Relay).

Your commitment is to raise as much as you possibly can but we ask for a minimum of:
$250 for an individual entry for any distance.
$350 for a team of 2-4 in the Student 10k Relay
$500 for a team of 2-5 in the Sal Guzzo Marathon Relay

If you’re too late for the free entry it’s okay don’t panic, by running for us you’ll still get a reduced entry fee! Yay!


Posted on: 24 Dec 2015



On behalf of the entire team at Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation I want to thank you for your commitment to the cause of childhood cancer, for your involvement in our many events and programs, and for your determination to raise funds to help improve the quality of life and health outcomes of children with cancer.
This year has been filled with so many memorable highlights:
Sears National Kids Cancer Ride
Tour for Kids
  Inside Ride 2015
  Bike for Tykes 2015 Event
  Coast to Coast Volunteers
  • The 2015 Sears National Kids Cancer Ride team cycled over 7000 km from Vancouver to Halifax. They met and connected with children and their families, inspired hope, learned about the amazing work being done by cancer professional all across Canada, and enjoyed the warmth and comfort offered by the staff, management and customers of Sears Canada and the many other partners who support this incredible effort.
  • For twelve years now, Tour For Kids has been raising funds to help kids with cancer just be kids again and enjoy a camp experience. The 2015 Ontario and Alberta events once again brought together a committed community of riders and volunteers, cancer survivors and their families, while being inspired by the memories of some very special angels.
  • The Inside Ride and Inside Ride National Tour brought the cause of childhood cancer to the fore with more than 20,000 people – riders, volunteers and organizers – at over 125 events all across Canada, not only raising much needed funds, but creating a groundswell of support for the cause, the kids and the families.
  • The amazing Bike For Tykes team of organizers, volunteers and of course spinners, who together achieved another record fundraising and participation milestone, while bringing so much fun, excitement and awareness to downtown Toronto
  • Since 2002, Ride For Karen, a Fall cycling classic, has raised funds to send kids with cancer to camp
  • And so many other events and fundraising programs, championed by people who are committed to supporting children with cancer and their families: Brampton Rotary Rib N Roll, Fan Expo Breakfast with the Stars, the Toss ‘Em Up for Childhood Cancer ring toss tournament and so many more amazing, uplifting and inspiring events.


This is the happiest time of the year for our Foundation. This is when we tally up all the fundraising that’s been done throughout the year and write cheques to distribute the funds. This year we’re sending money to more than fifty childhood cancer organizations all across Canada, the organizations that are really making a difference for children with cancer: the hospitals that care for children and conduct research into new treatments and cures for childhood cancer; the childhood cancer camps that help kids and their families forget what they’re going through and enjoy just being a kid again; and the support organizations that help offset some of the stress and strain, including financial, that families endure when their children are fighting cancer.
Earlier this week we wrote and distributed cheques totaling $4,675,000. This money will go to childhood cancer charities and pediatric oncology hospitals all across Canada. During 2015, receipted donations totaled $4,190,000. So not only are we keeping our promise to distribute 100% of receipted donations, we’re also distributing almost $500,000 in additional funds.
These funds will go to organizations in every province in Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador, organizations that have committed to helping children with cancer and their families:
Happy Kids at Cancer Camp
Kids Cancer Research
  Kids with Cancer
  • $1,937,000 to the many camp organizations that give children a break from their cancer. These organizations work year-round, at summer camp locations, at city camps and even in the hospitals to help bring the fun and relief of a camp experience to the children who most need it. We are proud to support Camp Trillium, Camp Quality, Camp Oochigeas and Kids Cancer Care Alberta and many other camp organizations
  • $1,428,000 to help fund almost twenty organizations in communities across Canada that support children with cancer and their families. This often involves helping families pay the rent or mortgage or other bills when they are unable to work because of a sick child
  • $1,310,000 to fund important pediatric oncology research projects at children’s hospitals all across Canada
  • And we are very proud to announce that included in these amounts above, is a $700,000 donation to Toronto Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in support of pediatric oncology research at the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning (PGCRL) at SickKids. This completes our 5-year, $4 million commitment to SickKids one full year ahead of schedule.


In 2015, Tour For Kids and the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride each raised well above $1 million, while the Inside Ride and the Inside Ride National Tour raised over $1.5 million. And many of you who are also passionate champions and advocates of childhood cancer programs organized events such as Bike for Tykes, raising a new record $320,000 toward research at SickKids, the Ride For Karen team, the Fan Expo team with their Breakfast with the Stars event, and many other amazing events.
Tour for Kids        SNKCR  Inside RideInside Ride National Tour   Bike for Tykes  Ride for Karen



2016 is shaping up to be very exciting and we’re hoping to bring even more people into this amazing Coast to Coast Against Cancer family and community. So, in 2016 we’ll be back with Tour For Kids events including a return to Atlantic Canada. We will be expanding The Inside Ride program to reach more communities. And the 2016 Sears National Kids Cancer Ride will be back with a new team to cycle across Canada for childhood cancer, bringing a message of inspiration and hope. And if you want to get even more involved, we would be happy to talk to you about volunteering, running an event, bringing new sponsorships or any other great ideas that you may have to help create awareness or raise funds.

As we wrap up 2015 and get ready to enjoy the holiday season and, we want to thank you for your support, commitment, energy and dedication… we really love having you part of our family! Even more importantly, together, we are making a difference in the lives of children with cancer and their families.
So as you pause to reflect on your accomplishments, count your blessings or give thanks for all the goodness in your life, you might also give yourself a pat on the back. Because somewhere in Canada a child with cancer or their parent is also giving thanks for the support they received from the very organizations that your efforts have funded.
Happy Holidays!

Jeff Rushton

Jeff Rushton
Founder and Very Passionate Volunteer


7 Questions with Tom Brewer

Posted on: 10 Aug 2015


Inside Ride

Thumbs up for the Inside Ride!

Name: Tom Brewer

Hometown: Deep River, Ontario

1) How long have you been involved with CTCACF, and how did you first get involved?  I have been involved with CTCACF for 7 years now. I first got involved by watching the first event here at Alcatel-Lucent and I said to myself, “I have to do this”.

2) Why do you continue to be involved with CTCACF? I continue to be involved because CTCACF is helping kids.

3) What do you hope your work with CTCACF will accomplish? I hope my work will enrich the lives of children coping with childhood cancer and help researchers find a cure.

4) If you could be a superhero, what would your superhero name be? Who Me

5) If you could have dinner with 1 historical figure, who would it be, and why?  Nelson Mandela in order to understand how he made a difference in the lives of so many people.

6) Tell us something about you most people don’t know:  I meditate each morning.

7) Describe CTCACF in 3 words to someone who wants to know what it’s all about: Helping Kids Cope


Inside Ride

Having a blast at the Inside Ride!

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7 Questions with Evelyn and Brent Wilson

Posted on: 28 Jul 2015

The Wilson Family



Name: Evelyn and Brent Wilson


Hometown: Carrying Place, Ontario


How long have you been involved with CTCACF, and how did you first get involved? Since 2011 – Evelyn saw a post on Facebook about needing volunteers for the upcoming Tour for kids.   It was just 5 months after Katie passed away and Brent became part of the crew team and Evelyn helped on the last day .

However- our first experience with Tour for kids was actually the very first one as my brother in law took part in the first ride. We cheered him on as they went by our house on the way to Camp Triullium in the county.  We have pictures from Katie dancing with kids from the camp at the final event. How ironic that years later, she would benefit from Camp Ooch and we would be so involved with CTCACF


Why do you continue to be involved with CTCACF? We continue to be part of this amazing organization because as a family we have benefited from the organizations that the money goes towards. We know that it makes a huge difference for the families.  We also want to continue to fight the battle so other families won’t face what we have faced.  We saw first-hand the smile on our daughter’s face when the camp staff worked with her at the hospitial, we saw first-hand how our son had a great time at Camp Teomul (the camp for bereaved siblings). The other huge factor is the fact that  100 percent of donations actually are donated.    Working alongside such great staff and volunteers is also so fun and rewarding.


What do you hope your work with CTCACF will accomplish? When we volunteer for this event, we hope that it spreads the word that  we want to raise awareness  and funds for childhood cancer.  We want people to know that this organization is one that makes a difference in the lives of so many kids and their families.


If you could be a superhero, what would your superhero name be? Determinator (determined to fight childhood cancer)


If you could have dinner with 1 historical figure, who would it be, and why? I would love to have dinner with Terry Fox.  He has been my hero since the day he came into the news.  He was so humble and his passion for making a difference is so inspiring.  It is so ironic that for someone I consider my hero, who would have known that 30 years after he started my own daughter would be  fighting the same cancer ( osteosarcoma) .


Tell us something about you most people don’t know: I am terrified of mice and bats


Describe CTCACF in 3 words to someone who wants to know what it’s all about: Inspiring, Powerful,  Passionate.


The Wilson Family

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2015 Ooch/POGO Survivor Conference

Posted on: 09 Jul 2015

Camp Oochigeas and POGO are pleased to present the 3rd Life After Childhood Cancer Survivor Conference, to be held  the weekend of October 16-18, 2015 at Camp Oochigeas in Muskoka.  This unique event is designed for survivors of childhood cancer (diagnosed before age 18) now aged 19 years or older, and offers a combination of:

  • Educational talks on living well after cancer, presented by survivors and health professionals
  • Small workshops where participants can engage in group discussions about topics of interest to their health and wellbeing
  • Fun and relaxation – with onsite activities like canoeing, climbing, archery, arts and crafts, cooking and more, there’s something for everyone
  • And most importantly: the opportunity for childhood cancer survivors to meet others and connect in a warm and supportive environment!



About the 2013 event:
Camp Ooch and POGO last hosted the Life After Childhood Cancer Survivor Conference in October of 2013.  Just under 100 childhood cancer survivors of all ages and stages of life attended, and 100% of attendees surveyed reported that they would attend this event again. Visit the POGO website at for a recap video featuring highlights of the 2013 event and to watch filmed educational presentations.

About the venue:
Camp Ooch is located on a gorgeous 400-acre property on a private lake in the Muskoka region, roughly two and a half hours north of Toronto. All facilities are wheelchair accessible and a staff-driven all-terrain vehicle is available at all times to help with getting around the site. Transportation options to help survivors get to Camp Ooch will be made available.

Learn more and register:
Please visit to download a conference information package, including the event program and some frequently asked questions and answers.

The registration fee is $75.00 and includes all meals, snacks, accommodations, activities, conference booklets and welcome bags.
Register online at:


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Meet a Rider- David V

Posted on: 06 Jul 2015

1)  Name: David V

2) Hometown: Toronto

3) How long have you been involved with CTCACF, and how did you first get involved?

I’ve been riding with CTCACF since 2007 after seeing day 4 of Tour for Kids 2006 as I rode across Canada.

4) Why do you continue to be involved with CTCACF?

Great charity with fun events and a great cycling route each year.

5) What do you hope your work with CTCACF will accomplish?

I want to help kids with cancer anyway I can.

6) If you could be a superhero, what would your superhero name be?

One-Legged Dave , Defender of Kings.

7) If you could have dinner with 1 historical figure, who would it be, and why?

Eddy Mercekx.  Hopefully he can make me faster up those hills!

8) Tell us something about you most people don’t know.

I had 42 cycling jerseys in my closet this year.

9) Describe CTCACF in 3 words to someone who wants to know what it’s all about.

Most fun ride ever.  That’s four, but I don’t follow rules!


David is pumped to ride again!

Pumped to ride again!

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Sunny and Sachi Love OPACC!

Posted on: 26 Jun 2015

Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer is a charity which provides support to families in hospital, at home, and throughout all stages of their child’s cancer journey. OPACC was created by parents to respond to these issues – to let them know they are never alone! Below is a story of 1 family and how they were touched by OPACC’s programs, including the Parent Liason Program, which your donations to Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation help fund.


OPACC is an organization made up of parents, friends, and family who have walked our paths before us. This is exactly what sets them apart from other organizations. They know and understand our journey when most of our loved ones cannot. They anticipate our needs before we anticipate our own.

Meals have come without asking and were a welcomed relief. Conversations were easy and without judgement. And friendships grew in the most unexpected ways. John, in particular, can always find a way to make Sachi smile through jokes or play. Over the span of a year it’s been quite amusing to see how the two of them have learned to greet one another by sticking out their tongues! These are the relationships which have eased our minds and helped us feel “normal” again.

There were moments at the hospital where our minds would head towards the dark side and without our Parent Liaisons, our journey could have been much longer and darker than it was. The support offered by OPACC has been invaluable to our family and so many other families whose lives this humble grassroots organization has touched. If that’s not enough, OPACC’s compilation of resources has kept us organized, taught us how to manage our emotional rollercoasters, and have kept us informed of events where we could go and have fun with the family in a safe zone. Families touched by childhood cancers are such a small community and OPACC has a vision to do so much more. It’s important that we all stay connected and support these kinds of initiatives in order to pay our experiences forward.


Sunny and Sachi

Sunny and Sachi

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The Tiessen Family’s Time At Camp Trillium

Posted on: 26 Jun 2015

Camp Trillium is one of 3 pediatric cancer camps in Ontario- a special place for children and families dealing with cancer. Your donations to Coast to Coast Against Cancer help support their amazing programs. Below is the story of the Tiessen family’s journey with cancer, and how Camp Trillium holds special place in their heart- thanks to you!


Camp Trillium is such a special place to our family.  It is the best place in the world that you never want to be invited to.  We have been going to camp since 2006 when our son, Cole, was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Hearing this kind of news about your nine year old child is devastating.  In the blink of an eye life changed, not only for Cole, but for the entire family.  Cole was diagnosed as a very high risk ALL (leukemia) patient.  This meant he had to undergo 25 months of chemotherapy and cranial radiation.  Cole was in and out of the hospital quite a bit throughout the first year of his treatment program.

We remember the first time that we pulled up to Camp Trillium.  The welcome that we received from the counselors was so warm and enthusiastic that as parents, it filled us with so much emotion and gratitude.  We were going through something awful, and Camp Trillium felt like a place that was created just to help bring some joy and normalcy back to our family.  Words could never express how grateful we are for the years of fun, kindness, and compassion that we have experienced at camp.

Camp Trillium has given us, as adults a great excuse to take some time to just play and have fun.  It is a place that has something for everyone.  No one ever feels left out at Camp Trillium and after missing school trips, cancelling family vacations and spending holidays in the hospital, which is worth more than most will ever understand.  We can honestly say that every experience that we have had at camp has been a very positive one.  We love the Camp Trillium morning radio show, the polar bear dip, campfires and of course the parent vs. counselors hockey game!  When we pick up our kids from residential camp, the positive energy on the car ride home is infectious.  Most special of all is the goodnight song.  It has been over six years since we first heard the goodnight song and to this day Steve cannot listen to it without tears coming to his eyes.

To the counselors at camp – never underestimate what an important job you have.  You have touched our lives in such a positive way.  You are the greatest thing about the camp, what you do is special and you should be proud of yourselves.  We have always said that the youth that work at camp are the cream of the crop.  Our special friends have all been incredible people who were cheerfully willing to do whatever the kids wanted to do with them.

Camp Trillium has given our children so many awesome experiences.  As our children have grown, they have wanted to keep Camp Trillium in their lives.  Our oldest Luke, became a counselor last year; this year Cole (he is doing great by the way) and Monica are hoping to get accepted into the internship program; and, our youngest Sarah is saying that she too wants to be a counselor one day.  Thank you Camp Trillium from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing experiences that you have given our family!!!


Tiessen Family

The Tiessen family thanks you!

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7 Questions with Josh Nelson

Posted on: 24 Jun 2015

Today’s 7 questions features someone who’s done it all- he’s an ambassador, volunteer, and rider! He’s ridden from Vancouver-Halifax, spun on stage at Bike for Tykes, and done Tour for Kids Ontario! A childhood cancer survivor himself, we’re glad to have him as a member of the Coast to Coast family.

Nelson Family

Josh and some of his family. His dad Drew is also a cyclist!


1) Name: Josh Nelson


2) Hometown: Cambridge, Ontario


3) How long have you been involved with CTCACF, and how did you first get involved? I got involved in 2009, when I gave a speech to all the riders!


4) Why do you continue to be involved with CTCACF? I continue to be involved with CTCACF because when I was going through my cancer, they helped me. It’s because of them that I am the man I am today. Also, I believe in a destination beyond cancer!


5) What do you hope your work with CTCACF will accomplish? I hope that with my help, we will one day reach that destination beyond cancer!


6) If you could be a superhero, what would your superhero name be? My superhero name would be Wheely Man


7) If you could have dinner with 1 historical figure, who would it be, and why? I would love to have dinner with Rick Hansen- he is a huge inspiration and a hero to me.


8) Tell us something about you most people don’t know: I like puzzles, and I’m pretty good at them too.


9) Describe CTCACF in 3 words to someone who wants to know what it’s all about: Childhood Cancer Charity


Tour for Kids Ontario

Tour for Kids Ontario

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